You can revise conditional sentences if you go to these links:

Yoy will find the explanation first and the exercices below. Write down the problems you may have while you are doing the exercises.

Zero conditional:

First Conditional:

Second Conditional:




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Relative Clauses (Year 3)

This is the link to the presentation we are going to study in class. Please download it and print it if necessary.

Here you have links to some videos with explanations:

You can do some practice on those links:

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listening comprehension- retelling Romeo and Juliet (year 1)

Click on the picture to listen to a clip about a new version of Romeo and Juliet. As you listen, answer the questions. You can get the right answer as feedback:

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You can revise the structure of a for and against essay by reading some of the models on the links below. They are graded from easier to more difficult, but you will see that the structure and connectors are always similar. Don’t worry if you don’t understand some of the words in the texts, focus on the structure.

It is a good idea to copy some expressions on your notebook. They will help you in your writing exam.

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You can watch and listen to the video we saw in class if you go the link below.

Remember to listen to it without the transcript first, and then reading the transcript at the same time.




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Neither, either, so, too (Year 3)

I upload to this entry some videos that might be interesting in order to revise the use of neither, either, so and too when we agree or disagree.


Online information and activities to read and practise:

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Make or do? Padlet and online activities (Year 3)

Upload your mindmaps to the Padlet:

Here is the complete chart with the expressions:

If they are paper mindmaps, just take pictures and upload them too.

Try those online activities to check how much you remember:

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