Social Science Projects 2016/17

A video with some of the projects made with the students of Social Science subjects.


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literature project (year 1)

If you want to have a look at all the final products out of our project on British and American literature, you can visit this google site:



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Editing our videos (Year 3)

In order to edit your videos, there are quite a few programs that you can use. We write the most common ones:

Read about some of those programs here:               

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Earth Hour video (Year 2)

You can watch the video again while you are reading the transcript. Go to the link:



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You can revise conditional sentences if you go to these links:

Yoy will find the explanation first and the exercices below. Write down the problems you may have while you are doing the exercises.

Zero conditional:

First Conditional:

Second Conditional:




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Relative Clauses (Year 3)

This is the link to the presentation we are going to study in class. Please download it and print it if necessary.

Here you have links to some videos with explanations:

You can do some practice on those links:

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listening comprehension- retelling Romeo and Juliet (year 1)

Click on the picture to listen to a clip about a new version of Romeo and Juliet. As you listen, answer the questions. You can get the right answer as feedback:

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