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-ed pronunciation (simple past) (Year 1)

Watch this video if you need to remember how to pronounce -ed at the end of past simple verbs.  

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What is Diwali? (Year 1)

This week we’ve been celebrating Diwali at school. Would you like to know a bit more about it? Watch this video in which British Indian teenage girls explain what Diwali is about.

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My spooky recipe

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Students from Year 2 learned some cooking tips, and put them into practice by creating these terrifying recipes. View spooky recipes

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HALLOWEEN IS COMING… CHOOSE YOUR SPOOKY RECIPE. Do you need some inspiration? Have a look at the links below and then be creative!!

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Watch the video again and do the task: TASK: Write a paragraph about how you would describe your own personality and how you think other people see you.

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Verbal tenses: revision for the exam (Year 3)

Please check verbal tenses for our exam on Friday. THOSE are the documents with activities we have been doing in class. I advise you to do them again at home and check your answers. If you still have problems with … Seguir leyendo

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Snack Culture (Year 2)

Read again the text we have been working with in class. Pay attention to words that are a problem for you:    

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