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Webs and apps for presentations and videos

If you are looking for webs or apps for your presentations and videos, click on the picture and have a look at our list. You can find some nice ones there: If you know some more, please write a comment … Seguir leyendo

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TASK Practise conjunctions: although, so, because, and, but.   REVISION Revise conditional sentences  

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Watch the video about the Fairtrade System You can also watch these other videos to learn more about Fairtrade        

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Choose your beat and flow your rap

1- Go go to the website: 2- Look for “Hip-hop & rap beats”. 3- Select “track” on the left-side menu. 4- Choose a beat. 5- Invent a short poem (a few lines) to be sung.

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Revise the explanation about defining and non-defining relative clauses and do the exercises:      

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