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Our Aliens (Year 2 ESO)

  In our Space Journeys, we have imaginarily travelled to different planets. Read the QR codes in order to know things about the aliens we have invented according to the living conditions on the planets we have chosen:

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eTwinning Project: International Menu

Our students in Year 3 British have been working on an eTwinning project with Liceo Scientifico A. Calini in Brescia, Italy, this school year. After some hard work knowing each other, sharing information and activities, this is the last  product … Seguir leyendo

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Editing our videos (Year 3)

In order to edit your videos, there are quite a few programs that you can use. We write the most common ones: Windows Movie Maker : you can find it in many PCs or laptops using Windows. Pinnacle: there might … Seguir leyendo

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Relative Clauses (Year 3)

This is the link to the presentation we are going to study in class. Please download it and print it if necessary. Here you have links to some videos with explanations: You can do some practice on those links: … Seguir leyendo

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Neither, either, so, too (Year 3)

I upload to this entry some videos that might be interesting in order to revise the use of neither, either, so and too when we agree or disagree.   Online information and activities to read and practise:

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Make or do? Padlet and online activities (Year 3)

Upload your mindmaps to the Padlet: Here is the complete chart with the expressions: If they are paper mindmaps, just take pictures and upload them too. Try those online activities to check how much you remember: Make or Do Exercise … Seguir leyendo

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