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Hi everybody!!   We are proposing an internal competition at school in order to choose our representatives for the official Spelling Bee competition for British Council Schools, that will take place in Zaragoza on the 19th May (IES Valdespartera). We need … Seguir leyendo

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American Elections

You can read some information and watch some videos about the American elections here:

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ROALD DAHL – (Year 3)

If you are a student in Year 3 British and didn’t receive the email your teacher sent on Friday concerning the reading activity, please download the file HERE, and start reading today!!              

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Reading and writing: Giving opinion (Year 3)

Hi, students on Year 3. Please download this document with texts on giving opinion and print it. Your teacher will tell you what to do with it.

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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Here you have some links on Alice’s story that you may use to revise for the exam. Alice in Wonderland Audiobooks: Dramatized audiobook: Dramatized audiobook: Audiobook with script: On Stage: (for TV) … Seguir leyendo

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